10 Top Tips For Improving Your Brand Video Content



“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”



Brand video content is all about demonstrating how we can solve people’s problems. As a brand or a personal storyteller we are showing our audience how we solved a problem they may have.


Planning and executing a video campaign is made easier if you remember the fundamentals of good  brand video storytelling.


1. Understand Your Prospective Audience

Before telling any video story you should know who your audience is and what you want to tell them. Only by understanding your audience will you be able to start planning. Knowing who your audience is will influence every decision related to your project.


2. Plan Your Brand Video Content

The more time you spend at the planning stage the fewer mistakes you will make in your video production. Mistakes at the video production stage cost time and money and are bad for morale. Plan every element of your video production and think about what can go wrong.

The more detailed a plan the more likely it is to be effective. Review all plans for possible omissions and get all the stakeholders to review the plan.


3. Keep It Simple

The key to effective video storytelling is connecting with your audience. Your audience will not connect with your story if they do not understand it. Your brand video content needs to be easily understood and always keep to the point. Every visual element should be easily understood and you should avoid complex storytelling that your audience will struggle to understand.

Before releasing your video content, test it on a similar group to your prospective audience and see how they relate to it. Encourage negative feedback as this can help refine and simplify your storytelling.


4. Tell Your Story

We all love a good story and it is your unique story that makes you stand out. Every person and brand has had an unique journey to where they now find themselves. It is this journey that forms the basis of their story. Video storytelling is a great way to tell this story.


5. Be Creative And Original

Being creative and original is easier said than done, it is however essential to your video project. With so much content available online you need to stand out from your competitors. The only way to stand out is by being different and using an unique angle other people are not using. You need to be a leader not a follower, you need to be the one setting the trend.

Look at what the cutting edge brands are doing and think about how you can improve this for your market segment.


6. Show Don’t Tell

Sounds obvious, however people often forget videos are a visual medium and it is about showing your audience what you want to tell them, not just saying it. All your visuals should be supporting the central point of your story.


7. Aim For The Highest Quality You Can Afford

Video storytelling can range from the DIY production to the multimillion-pound global brand productions and everything in between. No matter what your budget make sure you aim for the highest production value possible. With the advance in camera technology even Smartphone’s can output amazing content nowadays.

Remember sound is as important as the visuals and your videos are a reflection of your brand quality.


8. Respect Your Audiences Time

I am often asked how long a video should be. There is no magic formula to answer this question. The answer relates to how much time you will need to tell your story in the best way possible. This means using only content that supports the main point of the story and nothing else. If you apply this principal with vigor you will be surprised at how much unnecessary content you remove from the final edit.

Remember the only absolute finite resource all of has is our time and you should value your audience’s time as much as you value your own.


9. Be Yourself

As Oscar Wilde once said “be yourself everyone else is taken” and when creating video content this is a good quote to remember.If you are a brand or an individual your video storytelling should be authentic. After all your audience wants to know what is the unique element of your story and it has to be you and your approach to their problem.


10. Review Your Output

Never under estimate the importance of a comprehensive review of all your video productions. You will learn what worked what failed and gain inspiration for future projects.



“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. “

Jonathan Swift



Remember every video project starts with a vision for your video marketing strategy. The successful outcome to that video strategy depends on having a plan based on your understanding of your target audience. Good brand video content gives your audience video content tailored to their needs.