10 Video Ideas For Your Next Brand Video

video ideas



Great video ideas for brand videos are easy to come about. The key is to make sure they consist of strong storytelling that resonates with your audience.


“Well begun is half done.”



I have included a list of 10 video ideas to help you get started. The aim is to start creating regular video content for your brand that provides genuine audience value.



1) Who We Are

Every brand should have a “who we are” video. It should give a definitive insight into the brand and what it stands for. The video should show where you came from and more importantly what your vision for the future is. It helps your customers decide if they want to take this journey with you.


2) 15-60 Second Tip

The idea is to share short tips that are easy to consume while still helping your customers. They can be about anything that will help your customers and make them value your brand. I suggest keeping them short 15–60 seconds and deliver your information in a concise and easy to follow manner.


3) Showcase A Customer With Your Product

There are many video ideas I use but none is as effective as showcasing a customer. This achieves two outcomes

  1. Shows You Value Your Customers
  2. Demonstrates The Value Your Customer Gets Using Your Product.

This should not be treated as a testimonial, rather as a documentary telling the real story behind the customer’s success.


4) Humanize Your Brand

We buy from people we know and like and you can use video to humanise your brand.  This is achieved by showing a behind the scenes video. There are many opportunities for a brand to record a behind the scenes video. The key is to think carefully about the story you are trying to tell and how your audience will relate to it.


5) Answer A FAQ( Frequently Asked Question)

Video ideas come in all shapes and sizes but one of the easiest ideas is to answer a FAQ. Start with your most commonly asked FAQ and put together a short video to answer it. There is potential for asking your social media audience for questions every week and answering the most popular question. The advantage to these types of videos is that they provide obvious audience value.


6) Drop A Hint

Brands will always have new product or services in the pipeline. When appropriate consider creating a video thats hints at a newly proposed product or service. This will not only have the advantage of creating a buzz but might prompt some helpful feedback on the new idea.


7) Events Highlights

Brands constantly have events or online presentations. A video showing the main points of the presentation often resonate more with a busy audience. When editing these, always keep in mind your audience and the key takeaways that they need to know from a longer more detailed presentation. These kinds of highlight videos can provide real value for your audience.


8) Celebrate An Achievement

Everyday we reach new milestones or achieve something new. We often celebrate these achievements but may not share with others. They make great subjects for videos and help to show the people behind the brand. This is particularly true when it comes to staff charity events like “Daffodil day”. They show the ingenious and fun ways staff raise money for their particular charity. It also helps highlight the charity with the audience.


9) Explainer Videos

An explainer video shows the audience how something works or shares information on a particular idea or problem. Done well it helps its audience understand a new process or concept. Brands are in a great position to create video content about their products or processes. I would suggest keeping the video short and using imagery to show rather then tell how it works.


10) Share A Trend

Brands have a unique position when it comes to acquiring industry insights. They receive information from multiple sources and are ideally placed to see new trends and understand their implications for themselves and their customers. Sharing these insights in video format allows their customers to plan for the future.