5 Insights Gained From Successful Examples of Brand Video Storytelling



“We cannot create a world we can’t imagine and stories are the engines of our imaginations.”


Josh Stearns


Never underestimate the importance of brand video storytelling, in an age where video content is considered among the most easily accessible content of any type. Video content is now so readily available and easily consumed that it has become hard for marketers to ignore.


5 Successful Brand Video Storytelling Examples



1.  Samsung Official TVC: “The Chant” – Rio 2016 Olympic Games


The story is a very simple story that is well told. The audience gets some insight into the importance of South Sudan sending a team to the Olympics for the first time.


Insight Gained

The success is this video relies on the fact it is all about the story of South Sudanese athlete Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan and the Samsung branding on this video is minimal. Keep your branding levels to an absolute minimum.



2. P&G Thank You, Mom – Strong | Rio 2016 Olympic Games


This Olympic video from the P&G brand shows that behind every Olympian there is often a mother who has given them the inspiration needed to suceed.


Insight Gained

Use strong visual imagery that will get an emotional response from your audience.



3. iPad Pro — What’s a Computer?


A short video introducing the iPad Pro.The video concentrates on 3 key Apple innovations and then recommends the viewer learns more. It is very well produced as one would expect from Apple with no visual clutter.


Insight Gained

Posing a question at the end of a brand video is a good way to make your audience want to learn more.



4. Your future is not mine


This video shows how 4 young brand influencers see versions of different dystopian futures. This future may not exactly be the way others see their future but it shows the future is not predefined.


Insight Gained

The message is perfectly delivered and reinforced with the music and images that compliment each other. It shows sound is just as important the visual imagery.



5. L’acrobate des toits de Paris


This video is full of impressive shots of a girl running and jumping over the Parisian skyline . We occasionally get glimpses of the people being surprised in their houses and some well-known landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.


Insight Gained

Let your video reflect your message, in this case the brand video My Little Box shows a carefree runner surprising many people along her way. This is a visual reflection of the surprising nature of their gift product.


“Story telling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see.”


Michael Margolis


Successful brand video storytelling is about telling your story in a simple way and using video content to establish an emotional connection with your audience. Keep your branding to a minimum and remember you are not trying to create an advertisement. Keep your message simple and keep the video short.