5 Lessons About Video Presentations That I Have Learnt From Completing A Toastmasters Manual


Video Presentations


I thought I knew a lot about giving video presentations. That was until I suddenly found myself at the wrong side of the camera when completing a Toastmasters Advanced Manual Project on video communication. You see I was used to producing videos not starring in them, however for this project I had to complete 5 video assignments ranging from hosting a talk show to producing and starring in a press conference and 3 other assorted video assignments. Suddenly I was being filmed and directed by people with no video experience while I was busy focusing on my content.

This was a great reality check for me because it has highlighted a few basic concepts to should share with my audience. These lessons are very appropriate when using inexperienced teams to record your video presentations. While these lessons are basic they are critical to the success of your video presentations


1) Think About The Finished Product

No matter the size of a project, think about your finished product. Create a basic storyboard outlining the camera shots you will need to get. If you use an inexperienced camera person make sure they film you at eye level, this means you will always be looking at the camera and gives the viewer an experience they are more used to. Try to keep hand gestures to a minimum when talking to the camera in your video presentations.

The sound is important, so get your inexperienced cameraperson or sound person to test their sound output. Keep the setup as simple as possible. Always run a test before a live recording and review it for any visual distractions that may appear on camera.


2) Dress For The Occasion

While I knew how I should dress, I failed to take into account the unfamiliar filming locations I was using when completing these projects. I should have taken spare clothing to compliment with the locations. It was funny because this is always top of my list to give to others when I am filming them.

On the day dress appropriately for the occasion and your audience. Try to blend in well with your location. Google the location in advance to try to get an idea of what you will be dealing with.


3) Time Is Everything

Every video project is ruled by one controlling factor and that is time. Usually when giving a presentation you have been allocated a fixed period of time. This means you really need to figure out what you want to achieve in that time. Tailor your presentation or answers to achieve that goal in the allocated time; otherwise you will not get to deliver the message that is important to you. Practice your delivery with a sharp eye kept on delivering your message on time.

Make sure your team is aware of your time constraints and prompts you at key stages in your presentation if you look like you are beginning to run over.


4) Passion Sells

I never talk about something I don’t believe in or does not matter to me. This is especially important when giving a video presentation because you need your audience to engage with your content. The more passionate you are about your subject the more your audience will buy into it.

When planning your presentation, concentrate on an area that you really believe in and want to share with your audience. Keep to the point and try to focus on what made you want to share this message in the first place. For example I often talk about storytelling because I am passionate about using stories to share ideas.


5) Don’t Forget To Smile

I am always telling people to relax and share their personality with their audience. Well guess what happened when I was at the other side of the camera, I forgot to smile. It is so important when giving a video presentation to look relaxed because this will make the audience relax. Take your time, slow down and pause when necessary when addressing the camera.

Remember you are an unique individual allow that uniqueness to show when presenting on video. It often helps to think of the camera as your best friend whom you are delighted to share a new insight with.


Video Presentations Are A Great Way To Share Ideas


“I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.”

Galileo Galilei


One of the joys of the various social media platforms is that it has become incredibly easy to access a bigger then ever before.We can all learn from each other and everybody has something worth sharing.Creating a video presentation can be fun for you. It allows you a chance to share your ideas with a bigger audience online.You can edit out any obvious errors and learn from your mistakes. If you are happy to learn from your mistakes you can give better a video presentation next time.