5 Questions To Answer About Your About Viewers Before Your Next Video Project



I am a great fan of planning your video project. The better your plan the more successful it tends to be. However before you can create a plan you need to understand who your video viewers are and what they want.


“Listen to many, speak to a few.”

William Shakespeare

This is why I always try to understand who my video viewers are likely to be and what they want. I always ask the following questions before I plan any video project.


Who Are My Video Viewers?

Start at the basics and define who your video audience is. Try to get as much information about your potential video audience as possible. The more information you have about your target audience the better chance you have of making more relevant video content for them.


What Do They Want?

Once you know who your audiences is, ask yourself what they need. What is the problem they have that you can solve? It needs to be a real problem, one that they care about that you are in a position to solve.


What Type Of Video Content Do They Typically Consume?

This is a really important question to answer because you need to know the type of content that they like. You may have the best solution in the world, however if you deliver your message badly it will not matter. Check out what your competitors are doing and what type of video content has been successful for them. There is room to be creative and innovate with your video content, once you understand your audience’s current viewing patterns.


How Can I Make An Emotional Connection With My Video Viewers?

Creating an emotional connection with your audiences is critical to creating successful video content. People make decisions and watch content because they care about what they are seeing and not just because it is logical.  Understand what is likely to make your audience care about your story and want to watch your video content.


What Added Value Can I Provide My Video Viewers?

Remember you are not the only problem solver your audience has access to. While it is important to solve your audiences’ problem you need to provide added value. What is it about your content that will not only educate and solve problems but provide entertainment value as well? When planning your video content you need to remember as a video producer you are in the entertainment business as well. You need to think about how to craft your video in a way that leaves your audience wanting more.


Why It Is Worth Investing Time In Your Research


“Much effort, much prosperity.”



There are no short cuts when it comes to creating valuable video content. The time invested in planning and preparation creates quality content. There is no point in just trying to replicate your competitions efforts, you kneed to learn from them and improve on them. Your audience has limited time and probably knows when you are just churning out average content. What they will really appreciate is well researched and planned video content that gives them unique insights in an entertaining manner.