5 Reasons To Tell Your Personal Story And Make A Difference In Your World

personal story


Why Should You Tell Your Personal Story?


“If you wish to be a writer, write.”



There are many reasons to tell our story and even more reasons we don’t want to tell It. Probably if we are honest with ourselves we know if we tell our personal story we will be judged. However we are going to be judged in the absence of our version anyway. This leads to my first reason for telling your individual story


1.You Can Control The Narrative


Personal storytelling is the best way we have to help the world see us the way we want to be seen. Personal storytelling is the way to tell the world your story as you see it. Obviously there are many aspects to a person’s life, but at least if you tell the story you are putting your personal stamp on the narrative. The insight you give helps others to see your story from your point of view and may help them reconsider preconceptions they may have about you in the absence of your personal narrative.


2. You Can Be Honest With Your Personal Story


You can be honest with yourself and your audience. There can be areas in your life you are unhappy about, but at least you have acknowledged them and nobody lives a perfect life. Highlighting the challenges and disappointments in life and how you handled them demonstrates “strength of character” to your audience. As long as you are honest your audience they will appreciate it and this will encourage them to trust you. The more honest your individual storytelling the more real it will be. However never share anything you are presently unhappy sharing there will be another time to share that particular story. Honesty is about not about intentionally misleading your audience nor laying your whole soul bare every time you tell your story.


3. It Can Lead To Change


Telling your story can lead to change, both for you and your audience. When you tell your story you are forced by the very nature of the process to be honest with yourself. If you don’t like an aspect of your life, sharing your story can often be the catalyst to changing some aspect of your life. When you share your personal story, your audience can see an different way of doing things also.


4. You Can Inspire Your Audience With Your Personal Story


Not only can your storytelling lead to change it can inspire people to have a better vision for the world around them. This may inspire them to share that vision with others who are often in a position to effect change in the world.


5. You Can Engage Your Audience


When you share your individual story you invite your audience to connect with you on an emotional level. An emotional connection is far more likely to engage your audience than some random story that really has no impact on your audience’s lives.


Why Your Personal Story Matters


“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”



No story is more powerful than an honest personal story that delivers hope to its audience. When you share a personal story you are showing your audience your roadmap to solving what are probably universal problems. You have effectively inspired your audience by your personal examples that they too can solve their problems.