5 Tips For Creating Your Next YouTube Video


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. “

 Walt Disney


YouTube is still one of the most successful search engines available. It means it is an ideal home for your video content guaranteeing an active audience. Creating a YouTube video has never been easier.


These are my favorite tips for creating YouTube video content


1.Let Your Creative Side Shine


You may not be a creative genius, you do however posses a creative side. Everyone does, only some get more value from it than others. Think about the story you are trying to tell and how you can make it interesting for the audience.


What is going to sell your story?


Do you use emotion to sell your story?

Will your visual imagery sell your story?

Does humour play a part in selling your story?

Is it the characters that will sell your story?

Are you going to use drama to sell your story?


It can be one of these or all of these, it depends on the creative choices that you make when planning the video. Spend time thinking about your creative choices and how to best tell your story so that the audience will totally be inspired by it.


2.You Have Personality So Use It


A YouTube video is not a place to subdue your own personality. You need to let your personality shine and sell your story. Maximize your personality traits that you know others value most and play down any personality traits that do not work so well for you. If you are not one of nature’s comedians try a different approach. Remember sincerity goes a long way and can help to sell your story.


3.Find Your Hook


This needs careful thought and is the key to creating successful YouTube video content. Forget about trying to create that viral hit and think about your ideal niche audience. YouTube will have an audience for every imaginable subject. Pick your niche carefully and think about that special hook that will make your content attractive to your niche.


What is about your video content that will make viewers tune into your content instead of anyone else’s. By finding this hook you will ensure your video content is a success.


4.Use The Best Equipment Available For Your Youtube Video


Most smart phone cameras are capable of creating excellent video content. An iphone camera was used to create a successful feature length film that premiered in the 2015 Sundance Film festival. So by using a good Smartphone camera and an extra microphone you should be able to create decent quality video content.


Shoot your content with the best camera and sound equipment available to you and practice with your equipment before use. There are many cost effective editing tools available for both mobile and laptop editing.


5.Promote Your Content


There is an old question


“If a tree falls in an empty forest does it make a sound?”


The answer can be quite complex and involves physics. However most people say you need to hear a sound to validate it. How does this apply to video content production I hear you ask. The answer is if nobody knows about your video on YouTube, you are relying on luck to make people aware of it. I am a great believer in the idea that we make our own luck and I find the more you promote a video the luckier it gets.


So I would advise you to make your descriptions and titles easily searchable. Promote your video content on any social platforms you have access to. Make your offline networks in the real world aware of your video content. You use your website to promote your content.


“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. “

Walt Disney


Success with YouTube is all about finding your specific niche audience and creating content that they want. It may turn out to be a trial and error process but success is definitely worth the effort. Remember by practicing creating content and learning from your mistakes you will definitely get better.