5 Tips On How To Be A Consistent Storyteller With Your Brand Story



What Is A Consistent Storyteller?


A consistent storyteller tells a story that accurately reflects a brands core values and purpose. Every time you hear a story from that brand you instantly recognize which brand is telling you that story and more importantly you engage with it.


“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

Anton Chekhov


Telling a consistent brand story requires focus and adherence to your core brand values. As a brand you need to think about the qualities that make you unique and how you can reflect these qualities in your brand storytelling. However, more importantly you need your storytelling to be consistent. There are a number of factors that contribute to consistent storytelling and I have listed some of them below.


1) Remember Your Origins

The best brand stories reflect why and how the brand started. The origin story for a brand also gives an indication of what motivated a brand to adopt the values it now holds dear. When telling a brand story always remember the brand values because they hold the key to consistent brand storytelling.


2) Authentic Voice

When you speak from your heart your audience will recognize your authentic voice. When you talk about what you really value and your vision you demonstrate a unique brand identity. This means you need to share your vision and how you have an overriding purpose. When you consistently share your knowledge and demonstrate your reliability with your storytelling you start to sound authentic. Consistency comes from doing and saying the same things all the time. Overtime your audience will start to believe your message when it is backed up by your brand actions.

3) Stick To Your Brand Strategy

You have taken the time to develop a brand strategy so when you start telling stories, stick to that strategy. Your brand strategy should be the source of your storytelling guidelines. A good brand strategy helps ensure your brand marketing makes sense to your customers. A brand strategy provides the framework to ensure all your brand communications are consistent.


4) Storytelling Guidelines For A Consistent Storyteller

Using your brand strategy as a guide you need to develop your storytelling guidelines. Your storytelling guidelines should be a simple framework that allows everyone in your organization to tell stories that reinforce your brands message. They should be simple and should emphasize the need for brand consistency and demonstrate how brand consistency can be maintained while sharing stories.


5) Maintain Audience Trust

Doing what you say in your storytelling is the easiest way to maintain audience trust. All the best storytelling in the world will not convince an audience that sees a brand reflecting values that contradict its storytelling.


How To Be A Consistent Storyteller


“The greatest truth is honesty, and the greatest falsehood is dishonesty.”

Abu Bakr


The best brand storytellers tell compelling stories in an interesting and educating manner. They become a consistent storyteller because they speak with an honest voice. Their stories are completely consistent with the brand strategy and reflect an organization that is striving to achieve its mission.