5 Tips On How To Become An Unique Brand Storyteller



“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Thomas A. Edison


The best brand storytellers think before they compose their stories. They relive their journeys and look for the elements that make them an unique brand storyteller. An unique brand storyteller knows that to stand above the crowd they need to give their audience something really special.


When thinking about telling a story I follow some basic tips that have helped me tell different types of stories in various media.


1. Stick To The Point


Every storyteller has a single idea that they want to share with their audience. This can be a solution to a problem or an issue they want to highlight and they want to do this by sharing a story. When telling a story you must keep this single idea at the forefront of your storytelling.

Share one story idea at a time and your audience will reward you by following your call to action.


2. Describe Your Journey


The best stories document your journey, including the highs and lows that are inevitable in life. We like stories that show a character who overcomes adversity and goes on to succeed in life.

Think about the journey you have taken and tell your story in a way that your audience will easily relate to.


3. Celebrate Your Success


All your journeys and your successes should be celebrated in your storytelling. An audience loves to hear about your achievements and by including them in your storytelling you include them in your success. Your audience will feel part of a network that is positive and life affirming for them. One of the most basic emotional requirements we all have is to belong to a network that we value. Sharing a story that meets this requirement will help make your audience care about your story.


4. Keep It Fast And Furious


Good stories keep their audience on the edge of their seats. This is never achieved by drowning your audience in unnecessary details; keep the attention of your audience by remembering in storytelling “less is more”.

5. Entertain Your Audience


Brands have become part of the entertainment media, because it is no longer enough to educate your user, they must also be entertained. With so many brands competing for audience attention online it is the ones that entertain that will get their audiences attention.


When telling a brand story you need to deliver it  in a compelling and dramatic way.



“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”

Walt Disney



The Unique Storytelling Approach


It does not matter whether you are representing your own personal brand or a multinational corporation your storytelling has to reflect what is unique about your story. It is what makes you different from your competitors and makes you stand out in a very crowded space. An unique brand storyteller looks to their personal journey to find the drama, intrigue, triumphs and failures that made them the brand they have become. They understand that bare facts are not enough to engage an audience they need to be packaged in a way to enthrall an audience.