5 Tips To Help Simplify Your Brand Video Storytelling



“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein


Brand video storytelling is all about inspiring your audience to further action. There is no way your audience will be inspired to further action if they cannot understand your story.


I have listed 5 ways to help simplify your brand video storytelling and how these all work together to improve your storytelling.


1. Keep To The Point


We all have a tendency to stray off the point when telling a story. This should be avoided when creating a video. Concentrate on what the story is about and only include content that supports this point. By sticking to the point we ensure the audience is not confused about the video story we are trying to tell.


2. Stick To A Structure


The easiest way to simplify your brand video storytelling is to use a set structure. The most basic of these is a beginning, middle and end. Your audience has been told stories since they were born and will immediately know what to expect when they see your story has a structure. Using a structure means your audience can concentrate on the story and not struggle to understand what is going on.


3. Watch Your Language


The best way to simplify your video storytelling is to use simple language. If the audience is struggling to understand your language they will miss the point. Keep the video dialogue and narrative as simple as possible. Use short simple sentences and avoid industry jargon. Pitch your language at the level you would expect a very average young teenager to understand.


4. Bring It All Together


The best video storytellers bring all the various different elements of a video together to tell a compelling story. They know that the audio content is just as important as the visual content, if not more so. They make sure the audio dialogue and the soundtrack support the visual content not just distract from the story. Bringing all composite elements that make a video are what determines the success of your video storytelling. During the process keep asking yourself if what you are doing is adding to the storytelling or taking away from it. Only include what enhances the storytelling.


5. Have A Clear Next Step


Telling a great story is only part of the process. Your story is also about inspiring your audience to action and if you have not simplified that action you have failed. Your “call to action” should be as easy to complete, as your story is to understand.


“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.”

Winston Churchill


The object of simplifying your storytelling is not to “dumb down” your content but rather to share it with a wider audience. By simplifying your brand video storytelling you ensure a larger audience will get to hear your story. The person who will change the world is not the person who feels they need to demonstrate their grasp of complex language, it is instead the person who can share the most complex ideas in a way that even a child could understand them.