5 Ways To Grab Your Viewer’s Attention In The First 5 Seconds


“There is little success where there is little laughter. “

Andrew Carnegie


The first 5 seconds of your video are critical to its success. It is a sad fact of life that if you cannot get your viewer’s attention immediately you are probably going to loose them. So what can you do to improve chances of capturing your viewer’s attention immediately with your opening sequence?


The first step to creating a compelling sequence is to recognize the importance of the opening sequence. Think about what you need to do to create an opening sequence that immediately grabs your viewer’s attention.


1. Start With A Bang


The opening sequence of a video is so critical to your success you really need to start with a bang. Your audience needs to immediately sit up and think this is something I really need to watch.


2. Go For The Emotional Connection


One way to start with a bang is to establish an emotional connection with your audience. Make them care about your video. You can do this by posing a question you know they want to hear the answer to. Another way is to create a dramatic opening or choose a controversial opening. Share a valuable new insight or tell an interesting personal story. Share some shocking statistic that will grab your viewer’s attention immediately. The trick is to start with an opening sequence that will make your audience sit up and think your content will make a difference to their lives.


3. Be Your Best Self


Whether you are a global brand or an individual trying to promote yourself your audience wants to see personality. A brand video is a great way for a brand to show it has its own personality that its viewers can relate to. A viewer needs to see this personality from the start of the video, so it is important at the start of your video to demonstrate your personality. Show the viewer your best self; be authentic and emotionally engaging as discussed earlier.


This is a great opportunity to differentiate your self from your competitors, because your personality is unique to you. Harness that difference to make your opening interesting and eye catching.


4. Entertain Before You Educate


If you have read any of my blogs on storytelling you will know I believe brands need to entertain their audience before they can educate them. With so much entertaining brand content online you need to capture your audience’s attention by entertaining them before you can move on to sharing your insights with them. Once they are being entertained they feel comfortable with your content and will be more open to being educated. Your opening sequence should try to capture their imagination before you try to share your solutions to their problems.


5. Always Deliver On Your Promise


Having captured the attention and imagination of your audience with your brilliant opening, you need to meet their expectations. There is nothing more disappointing for an audience than to have a great opening followed by mediocre content that fails to deliver on its opening promise. Start well, deliver a great follow-up and finish strong and you will start building an audience for future content who will recommend your video content to their friends.


Bring It All Together


“The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something. “

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


No single element of my advice creates the best opening. It is only by combing these various tips that you start to craft a compelling opening. The most important element is to ensure your storytelling connects with your audience on an emotional basis. You need to be creative with your opening sequence and do something different, it is the unexpected that will capture your viewer’s attention in the first 5 seconds. There is no magic formula to capture a viewer’s attention and that is why you need to demonstrate your unique brand personality from the start.