7 Reasons People Will Want To Watch Your Videos



“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. “

Albert Einstein


I think the key to getting an audience to want to watch your videos lies in unleashing your imagination. Think about how you can tap into their emotions and get them to react.


Having said that, there are some core reasons why videos succeed and these are 7 of my most reliable tips.


1.Your Videos Are Inspirational


The key to engaging your audience is to inspire them first. Remember we all want to be better versions of ourselves. Video content that helps us to be better versions of ourselves will succeed. Think about what part of your story will inspire your audience and give that a star billing in your video content.


Videos that make your audience feel better will create an emotional connection with them. Remember we feel better first and then act on our emotion.


2.Your Videos Are Relevant To Your Audience


Understanding your audience is the key to creating audience relevant content. The audience research process is the basis of successful video content. Don’t take anything for granted, ask your audience about what is important to them.


Use your audience research to make informed decisions about your video content. Creating relevant video content is all about letting your audience guide you.


3.Your Videos Have An Objective


It is not enough for your videos to inspire your audience they must have an objective. There is plenty of inspirational video content online that changes nothing.


The core objective for your video cannot be implied to the audience, it always needs to be explicit. Tell your audience what you want them to do after they have watched your video. This shows that you appreciate the time they have spent watching your video and are rewarding them with a beneficial follow-up action.


4.Your Videos Entertain Your Audience


It is not enough to educate and engage your audience you need to entertain them also. This is what differentiates you from competitors who believe that the message is enough.


We have all become online publishers in a very competitive environment and we need to create entertaining content that stands out.


5.Your Videos Are Visually Appealing


The great benefit of video content is it appeals to a number of senses. Video combines sounds with visual content to appeal to our emotions. The key is to make sure your visual content matches your soundtrack and represents the story you are trying to tell.


Your visuals should be the best possible visuals to enhance your storytelling. Include only the visuals necessary to make your point and exclude everything else no matter how good they are.


6.Your Videos Are Easily Found


Sounds obvious, however it often seems to an afterthought in video production. Cover the basics, which should include a relevant sensible title, pick the best video thumbnail possible, promote on all your social media platforms.


Choose your video platform carefully and choose one where you know your potential audience are active. For example there is no point in having it shared on Facebook if all your audience reside on LinkedIn.


7.Your Videos Are Sharable


When planning your video think about what makes your audience share your video content. Typically it is because it enhances their standing in their networks. So create video content that gives new, unusual, helpful and entertaining information.


Make it easy to share by using social media platforms that embrace video content and host your video content on reliable hosting platforms. Finally produce high quality content that reflects well on those that decide to share it.


Thank people for sharing your content, as everyone likes the personal touch in what is often an impersonal world.


“All men by nature desire knowledge.”



People watch your videos because they gain from the interaction. Video content needs to enhance your audience’s life. Think about what makes them tick and what benefits them and not about what is in it for you. We only become engaged with a brand when we figure out why it is important to us.