7 Tips For Making Your Brand Video More Relevant To Your Audience



The best way to attract and keep your audiences attention with your brand video is to make it relevant to their lives. Being relevant is what gets and keeps peoples attention. Video content must fill a need in your audiences life.


How To Make Your Brand Video Content Relevant


“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Francis of Assisi


The key to relevance is to ask your self the question


Why should my audience care about my brand video content?


The answer has to demonstrate the value your audience gets from your video content. What is it about your video content that will make them want to watch?

I have found there are a number of ways to create video content that will make your audience care about your video content.


1) Share A Personal Insight

We all have common problems and appreciate when some one else shares how they solved them. Create a video that demonstrates how you solved a common problem. Tell your story honestly and do not be afraid to demonstrate the failures as well as your successes. We all appreciate an authentic story that demonstrates how we personally overcame the obstacles in our paths.


2) Video Is Visual Medium

I know it sounds obvious but when using video remember “to show not tell”. Tell your story on screen in a visual way rather than just as a narrative. Use visuals that bring your audience along with you as you tell your story. Remember, “Less is definitely more” when it comes to visual imagery and every single frame should have a purpose in supporting the narrative.


3) Take Your Audience On Your Journey

We all find it easier to relate to a story that has a structure. Take your audience on a journey that has a compelling start, interesting middle and satisfying ending. Structure is everything with a video and your audience needs to be able to understand and relate to your structure. The start can set the scene, the middle can demonstrate the highs and lows of your journey and the end can bring it all together. The important point is to remember your structure has to meet your audience’s expectations and make sense to them.


4) Everyone Loves A Good Character

Your audience must be able to relate to the characters in your video. They must see parts of themselves and their challenges in your characters and relate to the journey they take. They must understand the choices and paths your characters take and emotionally connect the characters in your video.


5) Add Some Relevant Sound Effects

Ever since the start of the film industry the film score has played a pivotal role in the success of the industry. While I am not suggesting the average small brand commissions a full orchestral music score I am suggesting adding some sound effects to enhance your visual narrative. When planning your brand video project consider what extra sound effects would enhance your audience’s experience.


6) Keep Your Audience In Mind

The most important tip I will share with you about keeping your brand video relevant is to know who your audience is. Understand what your audience like and want in video content. Always plan your video with a specific audience in mind and know what you want to achieve with it. Be very clear about what your intended audience will get from your video.


7) Always Think About That New Angle

Brands that create videos that strive to push boundaries and do things in new ways will sometimes fail and sometimes succeed but they will always be learning from the experience. When they get this learning process right they will be the content innovators and stars, and will create the memorable video content.

The average brands may not want to take big risks but they can learn from the process. They can look for new ways of looking at telling their stories and try new angles in creative ways that makes their video unique.


Be The Consistent Storyteller


“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The best brand video storytellers share relevant and interesting stories with their audience in a consistent manner. They understand who their audience is and what they want. Video projects need to tell visual stories that chart personal journeys that evoke emotional reactions with their audience.  Brands that create video content from a unique perspective in a creative way will stick out from their competitors.