7 Tips For Nailing Your Next Video Appearance




“We convince by our presence.”

Walt Whitman

We can make a big impact on our audience when they believe what we say. An invitation to appear in a video is a chance to talk to a new audience and should not be dismissed lightly. Many people can be terrified about the idea of a video appearance.

However with some thought and planning a video appearance need not be something that should fill us with dread. It is an opportunity to promote a cause, solution or idea we may have.

So before you turn down your next invitation to appear on video, think about how you could apply these tips to make it a success.


1. Understand Your Objective

It does not matter why someone wants you to talk on video, you need to know what you want to achieve. It is only by understanding the outcome you want to achieve that you can deliver a successful performance. Make no mistake once you agree to talk on camera you are performing for your audience and they will judge you.

This is no bad thing because if you succeed and perform well you will achieve your objective. That is why you need to know what exactly you want your audience to takeaway from your performance.


2. Dress For The Occasion

The key to dressing well for an interview or video appearance is to be comfortable in your clothing choice. Dress appropriately for the occasion; if you are being interviewed on a beach then shorts and tee shirt are fine. However when you are the spokesperson for a bank then a suit would be more appropriate.

If you wear glasses make sure they are not reflecting light in peoples faces. Always bring an alternative clothing choice for a planned interview and avoid stripy clothes that may create weird optical illusions on camera.
The more confidence you have about your clothing choice the more relaxed you will appear on camera.


3. Be Your Authentic Self

The most important part of being on camera is just being your self. Remember the reason you are on camera is because somebody wants to hear your insights, delivered personally.

Being yourself will also be easier for you than trying to portray somebody else.


4. Practice And Then Practice Some More

The best speakers are those that take time to practice their craft and thus perfect it. When you appear on camera, the more you have practiced the more relaxed you will be. You will be confident of your delivery and know exactly what you are going to say.

If you are being interviewed, make sure you know exactly what you are expected to talk about before you start. Practice possible answers and think in advance exactly what you want to say.


5. Learn To Relax

There are many relaxation techniques you can use before appearing on camera. Learn about them and use the one that works for you. The better you have prepared for your appearance the more relaxed you will be about it.


6. Speak With Passion

The more passionate you are about your subject the more you will connect with your audience. They will see your passion for your subject and you will elicit an emotional reaction from them as a result. Once you have an emotional reaction from your audience they will be more engaged with your subject matter.


7. Keep It Simple

Assume your audience knows nothing about your subject matter and make sure your language is easily understood. Avoid technical jargon and if you need to use it, make sure you explain it clearly. Talk slowly and use variations in tone to keep your audiences attention.

Watch for body language or hand gestures that will distract your viewers. In short do everything you can to make it easy for your audience to get your message.


Bring It Together For Your Audience

“Nothing endures but personal qualities.”

Walt Whitman

The key to a successful video appearance is to demonstrate your personality and plan in advance what you are going to say. Think about the image you want to project and dress appropriately. Learn some relaxation techniques and make it easy for your audience to understand your point and have a clear take way action.