7 Tips For Using Video To Build An Audience Connection


Why Build An Audience Connection?


“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows”



The best brand video content builds connections, connections that both the brand and audience value. The brand that creates an audience connection is building for the brand future. These connections will mean your audience will interact with your brand and hopefully share your video content because they value it.


Building an audience connection does not just happen it takes time and planning. Here are some tips to think about when planning to build your audience connection.



1. Be Genuine

Nothing helps you make an audience connection more than honesty. Create video content that your audience will trust. They will come to believe your brand values include integrity. Creating trustworthy content means your audience will freely share your content because it is based on fact.


2. Show Brand Personality

People buy from people they know and like, so let your brand personality shine in your video content. Think about how your video content will represent the various facets of your brand personality. When your video content displays your brand personality it allows your audience to see common values you both share.


3. Keep It Simple

If your audience do not understand the message in your video there is no room for an audience connection. When planning your video think about your audience and what they will expect and like in video content. What tone and visuals are likely to appeal to them? Package your video content in a way that delivers the message in a simple and effective format.


4. Value Your Audiences Time

There is no ideal video length and video content should be tailored to the subject at hand. There is however a point where your content is too long for a particular topic or content type. The key is to present the subject matter in the shortest time possible for that subject matter. For example a simple DIY tip should only take a few minutes, where as an educational feature on the future of carbon free fusion might merit a longer video. The key is to value your audience’s time and not take a second longer of their time than is absolutely necessary.


5. Act On Feedback

The great thing about social media is that you get feedback on nearly everything. Video content is no different and is a way to interact and form connections with your audience. Creating video content that reflects previous feedback is a way of showing your audience their input matters. This will encourage further audience connection.


6. Surprise Me

In a world where we constantly strive to emulate the success of others, sometimes it is when we forge our own paths we gain most success. With video content when we surprise our audience they often become more engaged. The element of surprise has the ability to entertain and delight your audiences. Think creatively how your content can be different in a world where we always strive to follow the same path.


7. Add Value To Your Audience

Brand videos are not about self-promotion they are about giving something to your audience that helps them. Your video content should leave your audience with the feeling you have added value to their lives for the time they have invested in your video content. Think about what life problem your video content solves for your audience. The best video content does this in a way that not only educates but also entertains.


Using Your Audience Connection


“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”



Sometimes in life we need to take a “step back in order to take a step forward”. Video production can be an activity where time taken at the start of planning spent thinking about what you are trying to achieve can improve your success rate. Thinking about the way you will make your audience connection helps formulate the way you create your video. An engaged video audience will help build your network of like minded individuals that can be further strengthen by ongoing relevant video content. Video marketing is less like a sprint and more like a marathon with a regular supply of useful video content.