7 Tips On Creating Videos That Your Audience Will Want To Watch


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

Jonathan Swift


Brands need to become master storytellers and create videos that people want to watch and share with their networks. Creating videos that audiences will engage with is never easy.


I have listed my top 7 tips that will help you create engaging video content.


1. Have A Vision


We all have an idea of the way the world should be. The best visionaries are those that can paint a picture of how this alternative world would look. They paint such an alluring picture of a better way of doing things that they inspire others to make their dreams a reality.

When creating videos a brand needs to have a vision for how the final video will look and feel, and what the video is trying to achieve. Knowing what your vision is for your video at the start will give you a foundation on which to plan and execute your video production.


2. Open With Drama


Typically within 5 seconds of watching a video a viewer decides on whether they want to spend time on it or not. This means there is a lot riding on the initial impression your video gives a user.

The best way to keep your viewers attention is to have a dramatic, compelling start to your video. Put yourself in your viewer’s shoes and think about what is the best way to start sharing your message. What will grab your viewer’s attention and make them instantly want to start watching the rest of your video.


3. Focus On Your Story


All brands have their own stories based on the journeys they have undertaken. It is this story that is unique to each brand and the better the storyteller the better the video. Think about how you can tell your story in a way that will engage your audience.


4. Engage Your Audience


The way to engage your audience is to make them care about your video. You do this by engaging your audience on an emotional level. Show them how the main character is a reflection of themselves, that your characters journey is their journey and they will start to care about the outcome.


5. Have Fun With The Production


Some of the best films I have ever watched have one thing in common, the cast and production have always spoken about how much fun it was to make the film. This is no coincidence because when you are enjoying creating a video that fun is contagious and it is the viewer that sees the result in the final video they see.

If your production does not feel like fun maybe you should change your approach. When creating videos you need to understand the process itself influences the outcome.


6. Keep It Short


Short attention spans and busy lives means time is the most valuable commodity we have. When creating videos think about how you can deliver your big idea in the most time efficient manner possible.


7. What Next


The best brand story is just additional noise if your audience does not know what to do next. Create a clear compelling and easy “call to action” after every video so your audience knows what you want them to do next.


Wrapping It All Up


Creating videos is a strange mixture of the technical and the storytelling. Without both the outcome is usually disappointing. For brands the good news is the technical expertise is easily available the storytelling less so. Being a visual storyteller requires a vision of what you want to achieve with your video. The story needs to be told in a way the audience will relate to on an emotional level and capture the audience’s attention from the start. When got right it can be the deciding factor in elevating a brands position online.