7 Tips To Help Create Entertaining Brand Videos That Will Wow Your Audience


“Imagination rules the world.”

Napoleon Bonaparte




Creating entertaining brand videos is not an easy task. Even larger brands can get it wrong on occasion. It is however worth the effort of trying to create entertaining brand videos. Entertaining videos when done well will create content your audience will appreciate and share in their networks.


The key to creating entertaining brand videos is to put yourself in your audiences shoes and try and to understand what will appeal to them and what way they will want it packaged. What style and visual language will appeal to them? The starting place for creating any video content is to understand your audience.



While there is no magic formula for creating successful videos, I have a number of tips that I use when trying to create entertaining brand videos.


1. Tell A Compelling Story

We all love a good story and your brand video needs to tell a good story, preferably a story we have not heard before. Think about what makes your brand story unique before you create your brand video. The better the story behind the brand video the better chance it has to succeed.


2. Open With A Bang

Most people judge your brand video from watching the opening few seconds. Make your opening count, use it to catch the attention of your audience. Set the tone for your audience; show them why your video will be worth watching. Most importantly always deliver on the entertainment value your opening promises.


3. Look For An Unusual Angle

Every story can be told from a number of angles or perspectives. When creating a video we are often tempted to tell the story from the obvious, boring, perspective. This is a mistake because as brand storytellers we should be looking for the unusual storytelling angle. It is this unusual angle that will capture the imagination of your audience.

Your audience wants something new and the different perspective you use can often satisfy that need. Think about how you can give an insight into your story that will get your audience thinking about your brand in a new way.


4. Show The Drama

Dramatic storytelling captures the imagination and attention of your audience. Think about what adds to the drama of your story and add it to your storytelling.

Your audience needs to be visually stimulated with your video content. Embrace the dramatic element of your story and show it in a visual manner. The advantage of video storytelling is the way you can show rather than just tell your audience.


5. Leave Them Laughing

Humor when done well in videos will entertain and engage your audience. Humor is a way of packaging an idea in way that appeals to your audience. They are being entertained and educated simultaneously.

Humor is a subjective matter and this is where understanding your audience is really important. Brand videos that are created with a particular audience in mind can embrace humor, because they understand what is likely to appeal to their audience.


6. Keep It Simple

The key to creating entertaining video content is to keep the content simple. Make it easy for your audience to follow your visual storytelling. Follow a simple visual storytelling structure the flows easily from start to end. Keep the visual narrative easy to understand. The entire focus of the audience should be on understanding your story not being distracted by the complexity of the storytelling itself.


7. Leave Them Wanting More

The best videos leave us wanting more content. It is so good we want more. Think about how to end your brand video in a way that makes your audience think it would be great if they could get more. This is not about making them feeling cheated because the end is unsatisfactory it is about making content that is so satisfying we want more because they know they will be entertained again.


Bring it all Together

A brand needs to bring all these elements together to create an entertaining video. The brand needs to understand who is the audience for their video and what is it they like. The visual language and storytelling needs to be tailored to this particular audience. The story needs to flow easily and give the audience an unique insight into the brand. Most of all it needs to be an experience that leaves the audience looking for more from that brand.