8 Video Ideas For Your Next Video Project

Video Ideas


Why You Need Video Ideas?


Audiences are more demanding now, they want new and innovative video content. Gone are the days when simply having a video online impresses and engages your audience. They want quality video content that will give them helpful, genuine entertaining insights into your brand. To achieve this you need to think about where you get your video ideas and how you deliver your projects.


1. Launch A New Product


Brands are continually developing and launching new products. Every time you launch a new product you should, start with a teaser video, and then create a launch video and finally sometime later a separate video showing the impact the new product had for your customers. The simplest video ideas are often the best and by having a series of videos to highlight and tease a new product launch you gain maximum customer engagement.


2. Show Your Brand Personality


One of the best video ideas I have used is a video that demonstrates the personality behind the brand. People want to work and buy from people they like and share core values with. When you create a video that shows your audience what your core values are and shows your brand personality they start to engage with you on an emotional basis. When creating a brand video to show your personality it is best to embrace your creativity and don’t be afraid to” work outside the box”.


3. Show What Happens Behind The Scenes


One of the ways to give your audience an added value experience when watching your video is to make them feel special. This can be achieved by creating videos that give them an inside view. Letting your audience see what happens behind the scenes has the added benefit of showing your brand personality.


4. Solve A Real Customer Problem


Brands exist to solve real problems and one of my top video ideas is to create a video that solves a real life customer problem. The video should clearly define the problem, show how the solution was found and demonstrate the impact in the real world.


5. Highlight A Customer Success Story


Following on from solving a real life customer problem is a video that highlights a customer who benefited from your problem solution. Show the journey for the customer from the time they knew they had a problem until they used your solution and the positive impact this had on their life.


6.  Featuring An Exceptional Employee


Your best brand ambassador is often your best employee. They believe in your vision for the world and your product. They also know your customers and their problems intimately. When you highlight an exceptional employee in a brand video you give them a chance to share their passion for your products and customers with your video audience.


7.  Share An Industry Development


Video ideas are often centered totally on a brand but sometimes you need to extend that focus. When you share a video where you give your insight on a current industry insight you show your audience you have an knowledge of the your entire industry. It also shows that you are anticipating your customer’s future needs.


8. Share Your Vision

Every brand has a vision for their part of the world. Demonstrating and sharing this vision in video is a way for a brand to demonstrate that they will support their customers in moving forward. Not only are you sharing insights on current industry developments you also have a vision for their future. Videos such as this inspire confidence in your audience that they can grow and face the future happy in the knowledge you are working on the new problems they will face.

 Move Forward With Your Video Projects


The 8 video ideas I have listed above are the starting point for your video projects. They have one concept in common they are all about delivering video content that adds value to your audience. Show your audience how you can help them, how you share their values and have a similar vision for the future, in short how your brand understands and cares about them on an individual basis.