Why Your Audience Should Guide Your Video Stories


“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Albert Einstein


Online videos have now become the “De Facto” standard for information sharing in a mobile era. This means we need to improve the way we tell our video stories and this can be achieved by creating customer driven video content.


The reasons why your audience should guide your video stories are.


Your Audience Already Want Your Content


Why “reinvent the wheel”, if you have an audience why not work with them? Working with an existing audience is a great place to start a video campaign. If you tailor your video storytelling to your customers needs they will appreciate it.


Let Your Data Lead The Way


When thinking about what video content to create follow the data you already have. What does your existing customer data tell you about the problems your customers have and what they want you to do about it? Be creative with how you use this data, as you want your video storytelling to be better than your competition.


You Are Reacting To A Customer Problem That Needs Solving


Your customer data will tell you about a customer problem that needs solving. A real problem that needs solving  means your customer will be able to relate to your solution. This means your customer will feel that your story was written for them. This leads to your customers connecting to your story on an emotional basis.


Let Your Storytelling Evolve With Your Customer


Tailoring stories to your customer’s requirements and the data insights you have gained from your customers means you will grow together. As you continually learn from the ongoing data you collect from your storytelling you will evolve with your customers. This feedback will lead to new insights that will create the basis for further video content.


Your Audience Trust You


The main problem with storytelling is gaining the audiences trust. Creating content based on customers insights means you are creating stories for an audience that already trusts you. By being careful not to abuse this trust you will be able to build on it with your storytelling.


“The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.”



Video storytelling is a way for us to share the information that we think our audience will find useful. It is a way to ensure our audiences posses the knowledge required to make informed choices about our products, services or simply to share what we find important with others. The power of telling stories based on what we have learned about our audiences is what helps tell stories that matter.