How To Create An Authentic Brand Story


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney


In a world where stories define us and the best stories elevate brands above their competition it is important to tell great stories. Every great story needs to gain your audiences trust. It usually achieves this when an audiences understands and believes the brand story. An authentic brand story will inspire trust in your audience.


An authentic brand story needs to be based on fact and tell the entire brand story “warts and all”. Your brand story needs to be honest and works best when you answer these three questions.


Where Did You Start?


Tell your audience where you started and what inspired your journey. What problem so frustrated you that it moved you to look for a solution. The best brand stories do not try to “whitewash” this part of the story because they know their audiences will relate to their struggles.


Remember many others also shared your frustrations and they will see themselves as the heroes of your story. This part of your story also shows the beginning of your brands personality and the values it stands for. An authentic brand story needs to show a brand stands for more than just its own advancement.


Where Are You Now?


Nothing in life stays the same, everything is evolving into something else and the same applies to your brand story. This part of the brand story shows how you have moved on from that initial problem solving and where your brand is now. How has your story evolved overtime and what does the brand stand for now? What lessons has the brand learned along the way?


This is often the most telling part of the brand story because it shows what is really important to the brand. Has it forgot its roots and the importance of its customers? Are the customers no longer the heroes of its story?


How Do You See Your Future?


What does the future hold for your brand story? Does your brand see a future where it is enhancing your customer’s lives? These are the questions that your audience want answered in your brand story. Your audience wants to know if they should continue with you on your brand journey. Are your customer views and your brand views of the future aligned? In the future will you still stand for something they also believe in?


Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

Jonathan Swift


Creating an authentic brand story is about telling a story that matters to your audience. Create a story that your audience believes in and also feels that is also their story. They want your story to show a brand that stands for the values they believe in. They need to know that your vision for the future is something that they want to be part of.