How To Create Audience Value With Your Brand Video


Videos are a great way to market your brand. They have the impact of a visual medium that instantly gets an audiences attention. They do however need to be relevant. The key to relevance is to provide audience value.


Audience Value

Brands require an audience to spend time consuming their videos and in return they will provide valuable audience content. The more relevant and helpful the content is to their audience the more successful it will be. When creating video content I always hope to achieve one of the following;



One way of providing audience value is to educate your audience. Think about the problems your audience has on a daily basis and help them solve them. The more important the problem you solve the more relevant it will be to your audience.



Sometimes all we need is to be entertained and some brand video creators have achieved great success by just entertaining us. Never underestimate the power of entertainment when engaging online. Think about brands that create almost cinematic masterpieces for the holiday season. They do this in the knowledge that people will be viewing their video content and talking about their brand for the entire holiday season. John Lewis is a brand that does this very well and its seasonal offering is widely anticipated every year.

You do not have to be a big brand to achieve success by entertaining your audience; a clever idea creatively implemented is all its takes to stand out from your competitors. I always remind myself that brand content creators are now publishers who are expected to be entertainers as well.



I think this idea is really important when it comes to creating audience value. Sometimes it is not enough to educate and entertain, you need to inspire people to action. Empowering people with your video content helps them to be better and not accept the status quo. So many brands now have a social objective and they want to make the world a better a place. They create value with their content by showing people how to make the world better. It can be done in so many ways whether it is about supporting social movements, improving the environment or just helping us to be better people. Creating video content to help your audience achieves these goals and bringing them on your journey can be  truly beneficial to all.


Time As A Currency

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

Charles Darwin

As discussed earlier time is what you want from your audience and in exchange you make it worth their time. So if you don’t want to waste your audience’s time you need to value it as much as they do. I believe the best brand videos not only educate but they entertain and empower their viewers as well. Think carefully when planning your next video about what your audience gets from it, not what your brand gains. When your audience is happy with your content your brand then benefits.