How To Create Compelling Video Content



“When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. “

George Washington Carver



The reason you need to create compelling video is to stand out from your competition. With so much average video content available there is a opportunity for marketing departments that can deliver their message in an imaginative manner.


While planning your video content you should take time to consider the following points and how they apply to your video project.


Create Viewer Value


If you are going to ask people to invest time in watching your content you need to give them something back. Your content needs to provide them with help, entertainment, knowledge or some tangible benefit. It would be nice to think we live in a society where people do things for 100% altruistic reasons but this is rarely the case.


Think about what your content offers your viewer and how you can make it a better offer. The key to this is to understand what matters to your audience and what they prioritize most in life.



Create An Emotional Connection


The best way to create compelling video content is to establish an emotional connection with your audience. The more they see of themselves in your story the more successful it will be.


Think about what makes you watch your favorite brand video content and what emotional reaction it evokes from you. The stronger the emotional reaction from what we see the more likely you are to react.


Let Your Personality Shine


Viewers want to see the real you, of course they will judge and come to conclusions about you. Don’t worry about the negative reactions as they tend to be the most vocal, you will however find a silent majority who will engage with your content and want to follow up.


It is only by letting your personality shine that you can find your particular “tribe” as Seth Godin calls it. These are the people who will support you going forward because they have seen you as “one of their own”.



Enjoy Your Video Creation Process


Successful films sometimes are the result of the on screen chemistry between the leads. We believe the story more because there is an obvious chemistry between the leads. Similarly with video production if the team are having fun during the video production process this will be reflected in the final product and the audience will see it.



Take A Creative Risk


Taking a creative risk is all about trying something new. Where your audience has practically infinite choice on what type of video content they watch, only something special will stand out.


Think about doing something different or looking at an existing problem from a new angle. Some creative risks will inevitably fail but they will untimely be beneficial. Think of your content creation as a journey where you learn as you go along.



“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”

Dalai Lama


Creating compelling video content needs a vision of why your story is an important one to share. Your video content should not be a poor imitation of your competitors content. Compelling video content has something special to say and your audience’s life would be poorer for not having seen it.