How To Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations With Your Video Content




“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh


It is not enough to meet your customers’ expectations with your video content you need to exceed it. Your competitors are churning out unlimited quantities of video content that is failing to delight your customer; your video content needs to do more.


You need to create video content that not only exceeds your customers’ expectations but also delights them. You need to reward them for devoting their time to your content after all time is the only resource we have that is impossible to replenish.


The way to exceed your customers’ expectations with your content is to consider the following.


Why Should People Watch Your Video Content?


Your customers need a reason to watch your video. This reason must be rooted in their own self-interest. The video must focus on something that really matters to them and provide a fresh insight that will help them. It is not enough to simply show them how to solve their problem. It must be done in an interesting and entertaining way. That way you are giving more than a solution you are giving your audience a total experience that shows them you not only understand their problem but you value their time.


By giving a complete experience you are giving them something that will exceed their expectations. You have raised the bar for what they can expect from your brand. This makes your brand a valuable part of their network going forward.


How Are You Using Video Content To Build a Customer Relationship?


It is not enough to produce great video content you need to use the opportunity to engage with your audience. Encourage feedback from your audience on social media about your video, then exceed your audience expectations by creating meaningful dialogue with them based on their feedback. Acknowledge them for taking the time to comment on your content and always remember for every person who comments many more are judging you on your reply. They need to see you are a brand that truly appreciates and reacts to customer feedback.


Have You Made The Viewing Experience Easy?


The best way to exceed your customers’ expectations is to make every aspect of the viewing experience easy. This starts at the planning stage where you research your audience thoroughly. Using the audience insights gained you tell your visual story in a way that your audience will understand. Use simple language and make sure the plot and storytelling is easy to understand. Your audience should feel they are hearing the story from a friend who understands them and is more concerned about making themselves understood than using complex storytelling techniques.


Bring It All Together


“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

Thomas A. Edison


If you want to exceed your customers’ expectations with your video content you need to go the extra mile. It is not enough to create quality, intelligent and amusing content it needs to deliver more. Your audience needs to feel your content was tailored specifically for them. They need to think you put them and their struggles and the heart of your storytelling. Your audience will need to have an emotional content with your story and feel you are with them for the long haul. To exceed expectations your video content needs to tell a story that shows them they matter to you.