How To Tell An Authentic Brand Story

Authentic Brand Story


I always find an authentic brand story resonates with your audience. Your audience can easily spot a fake brand story, it does not feel real. There is something about the story that your audience cannot relate to.


The Heart Of An Authentic Brand Story

“Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.”

Isaac Watts


Trust is at the heart of an authentic brand story and your audience needs to trust your story. They need to believe in it and they need to know it is true. This means your brand storytelling must be consistent and honest. There is no point in trying to “play hard and fast with the truth”, your audience will see it. They need to know they can trust you not just on this occasion but always. This means your brand story must reflect your brand culture and your customer care must reflect this story.


The Customer Is The Story

Brand storytelling is not about the brand it is about your customer and how they interact with your brand. Your customer must be the hero of your brand story. They must see themselves at the center of your story it becomes their story.

When hearing your brand story your audience must be able to identify with your brand personality. They need to know they share common beliefs and values with your brand.

When telling an authentic brand story you must tell the story with your customer as your main reference point.


It Needs To Be Enjoyable

Nowadays we are all trying to look for that next experience. Life is dictated by perusing that next bucket list experience; we are constantly looking for that new experience. It probably is a side effect of the fact we are always “one click away” from something better. When you tell your brand story you need to make it fun, something that your audience can instantly lose themselves in. However they still need to think your story was written just for them.


The Benefit

Your brand story needs to provide genuine value to your audience. When writing your brand story ask yourself

  1. What will my audience get from this story?
  2. Is it worth their time?
  3. Can I give more value to my audience?

Brand storytelling is all about providing value for your audience. Think about how your brand story can enhance your audience’s life. Every part of your story should be giving something to your audience. Is the value you give them so compelling as to make them brand advocates for you your brand?


The Best Authentic Brand Story

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.



Being an authentic brand storyteller takes time and effort.The best brand storytellers make sure their brand and customer experience are aligned with their storytelling. This means when you tell a brand story it resonates with your customer because it matches their experience with your brand.

The best brand stories make your audience think they were written about them and uniquely with them in mind.