How To Use Your Brand Vision To Tell An Inspirational Brand Story


Inspirational Brand Storytelling

An inspirational brand story will always get and keep the attention of your audience. The reason inspirational storytelling is so effective is because it often forms an emotional connection with your audience. As a brand you may often find it difficult to to get inspiration for these kind of brand stories. I have found using your brand vision as a story source often provides inspirational stories.


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

Jonathan Swift


Developing a brand vision may come naturally to some brands while others invest a lot of time or resources in developing one. Typically a brand vision usually ends up as tagline on your website or something that is typically rolled out during strategy reviews. It is rarely used as the basis of an inspirational brand story.


What Is A Brand Vision?

In your brand vision you encapsulate in a few words where your brand is going in the future and what your brand aspires to do. Usually your brand vision aims high and often your brand has no immediate plan on how to get there.


Why You Should Include Your Brand Vision In Your Brand Story

A brand vision is an under-utilized resource when it comes to your brand storytelling. A brand vision has the power to elevate your brand storytelling because the story behind the vision can bring your audience on your brand journey. A vision helps connect with your audience because it demonstrates to your audience that you share a common purpose.

There are three areas, which I have listed below that show the advantage of using your brand vision when telling an inspirational brand story.


1) Demonstrates The Brands Human Side

Sometimes it is hard for a brand to demonstrate its human side, however your vision does show your human side. It clearly states what your vision is and how your brand will change the world in the future. Your audience will clearly see the impact you want to have and if that reflects their aspirations for the future.


2) Show Your Brand Values

A vision reflects your brand values and this means your audience can decide if they share your values or not. Providing your vision reflects your audience’s values they will engage with a story based on your vision for the future.


3) Show Your Authentic Brand Core

A vision statement is unique to a brand and shows what a brand wants to achieve in the future. It shows how the brand sees the future evolving and knows its role in that future. It is the most authentic declaration a brand can make about the real impact it intends to have on the world around it. This makes the story about the brand vision the perfect source for an authentic inspirational brand story. Your audience will appreciate it because it presents them with a vision that they can buy into and take the journey with your brand.


Using Your Brand Vision To Tell An Inspirational Brand Story


“You can never plan the future by the past. “

Edmund Burke


In a fast changing world where it is hard to get your audiences attention, anything that can elevate your storytelling should be embraced. By using your brand vision to tell an inspirational brand story you can differentiate your storytelling from your competitors. Many brands use the past or present as the basis for their storytelling. By embracing your vision you show your story has a future. This means you will take your audience on a journey in the future and are not only catering for their present requirements. This signals to your audience they don’t have to worry about their future because you are already planning for it.