My Top 7 2019 Brand Videos And What I Learned From Them

2019 Brand Videos


As the year ends I have reviewed the 2019 brand videos that I have enjoyed and learned from. I know any list of this nature is completely subjective and you probably have your own top 2019 brand videos.


1. Hafod Hardware Christmas Advert 2019

I have included two seasonal videos in my list and this one makes the list because it was low budget. This surprising viral seasonal video was made on a very small budget and gave some of the big brands a run for their money. The video told a simple story that everyone could relate to.

What I Learned

Creating a successful video is not always about how big your budget is. Have a good story tell, it well and use the resources you have readily available to produce it and you can succeed.



2. Nike | Dream Crazier

This video made my list because it was an emotionally charged video that made a very relevant point. It used a series of micro stories to deliver a message about female empowerment that obviously resonates with the audience.

What I Learned

Brands should not be afraid to tackle emotive subjects. When this is done well as in this case, the brand resonates humanity with its audience.



3. Holiday — The Surprise

I included this because I think Apple got to the heart of the matter with this video. It is not about the technology it is about what the technology can do to improve your life.

What I Learned

Be clear in your video content what your real message should be.



4. The Internet of Things presents – #LikeABosch

I liked this because it explains technology in an easily understood and compelling manner. The sound track, visuals and storytelling reinforced the message at every stage. The branding was not annoying and only helped the overall message.

What I Learned

Deliver your message in a way that is easy for your audience to understand.



5. Hennessy X.O – The Seven Worlds – Directed by Ridley Scott

I included this because it is brand advertising at its best. It embraces one of the world’s best directors and allows him to tell the Hennessy X.O story in an epic cinematic manner.

What I Learned

Every brand may not be able to afford Ridley Scott they can however try to raise their production values with the technology available to give a cinematic experience.



6. Samsung’s Belief: Meaningful Innovation for the People

I have included this video because I believe a brand should tell a good story. This is exactly what Samsung does in this video. It does so using a simple animation using an easily understood message, delivered in a way that highlights the message.

What I Learned

Tell your story in a way your audience can relate to.



7. Aldi Ireland Christmas TV Advert 2019

I have included this video in my 2019 top seasonal videos, it is also one of my favourite videos this year. The reason I like it so much is the high production value, music, visuals and storytelling, but most of all the lead character, “Kevin the Carrot”. Creating a credible character out of an inanimate object is not easy to do.

What I Learned

Sometimes it pays to take a creative risk and do something different. While creating a carrot character may not have been an obvious creative choice it certainly has paid off.


What 2019 Brand Videos Highlighted


The 2019 brand videos definitely did not disappoint me.  It was great to see that brands still strive to be creative. Storytelling is definitely at the heart of video marketing and the brands that do it well are resonating with their customers. Video marketing has proved to be a great way to humanize a brand. Finally making your message easy to understand was at the heart of the best of this year’s crop of brand videos.