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How To Tell An Authentic Brand Story

Authentic Brand Story


I always find an authentic brand story resonates with your audience. Your audience can easily spot a fake brand story, it does not feel real. There is something about the story that your audience cannot relate to. Read more

The Value Of A Behind The Scenes Video And 5 Tips On Improving Your Video Content



A behind the scenes video is a great way for a brand to show its human side. Showing the human side of your brand helps your audience to relate to your brand. A behind the scenes video also gives you an opportunity to show how your team takes on challenges, and showcase successes and learning opportunities. Read more

5 Tips On How To Be A Consistent Storyteller With Your Brand Story



What Is A Consistent Storyteller?


A consistent storyteller tells a story that accurately reflects a brands core values and purpose. Every time you hear a story from that brand you instantly recognize which brand is telling you that story and more importantly you engage with it. Read more

How To Use Your Brand Vision To Tell An Inspirational Brand Story


Inspirational Brand Storytelling

An inspirational brand story will always get and keep the attention of your audience. The reason inspirational storytelling is so effective is because it often forms an emotional connection with your audience. As a brand you may often find it difficult to to get inspiration for these kind of brand stories. I have found using your brand vision as a story source often provides inspirational stories. Read more

7 Tips For Using Video To Build An Audience Connection


Why Build An Audience Connection?


“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows”



The best brand video content builds connections, connections that both the brand and audience value. The brand that creates an audience connection is building for the brand future. These connections will mean your audience will interact with your brand and hopefully share your video content because they value it. Read more

5 Ways To Grab Your Viewer’s Attention In The First 5 Seconds


“There is little success where there is little laughter. “

Andrew Carnegie


The first 5 seconds of your video are critical to its success. It is a sad fact of life that if you cannot get your viewer’s attention immediately you are probably going to loose them. So what can you do to improve chances of capturing your viewer’s attention immediately with your opening sequence? Read more

10 Top Tips For Improving Your Brand Video Content



“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”



Brand video content is all about demonstrating how we can solve people’s problems. As a brand or a personal storyteller we are showing our audience how we solved a problem they may have. Read more

How To Create An Authentic Brand Story


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney


In a world where stories define us and the best stories elevate brands above their competition it is important to tell great stories. Every great story needs to gain your audiences trust. Read more

What You Should Know About Live Video Storytelling

What You Should Know About Live Video Storytelling


“The history of storytelling isn’t one of simply entertaining the masses but of also advising, instructing, challenging the status quo.”

Therese Fowler


Live Video storytelling is set to explode with all the main social networks now developing or having launched their own live video options. Read more

Why Your Storytelling Needs An Authentic Voice


Why Your Storytelling Needs An Authentic Voice

“Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.”


Jean Luc Godard



When you want to share your story with the world it is easy to look around and see what has worked for others in the past. While this a great first step sometimes we are tempted to copy a successful story rather than tell our own. Read more