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5 Tips On How To Build Customer Trust With Your Brand Storytelling



Why Customer Trust Is So Important?



Customer trust is the basis for any positive customer engagement. If your customer does not trust you they will not be your customers for long. This should not come as any great surprise to any brand as one of the most common fundamentals of business is that we buy from people we trust and like. Read more

7 Tips For Using Video To Build An Audience Connection


Why Build An Audience Connection?


“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows”



The best brand video content builds connections, connections that both the brand and audience value. The brand that creates an audience connection is building for the brand future. These connections will mean your audience will interact with your brand and hopefully share your video content because they value it. Read more

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos To Tell Your Brand Stories




“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Marketing is about educating the world about your brand. It tells your story in a way that shows people why they should care about it. Video content is a way of making sure that your customers hear your story. Read more

Why Your Storytelling Should Focus On Getting An Emotional Reaction


“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

Robert Frost



We live and die by our emotions. Every waking hour we make decisions based on how the world around us makes us feel. We like to think we are rational creatures who make decisions that are based on logic, this unfortunately is rarely true Read more

How To Create Compelling Video Content



“When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. “

George Washington Carver



The reason you need to create compelling video is to stand out from your competition. With so much average video content available there is a opportunity for marketing departments that can deliver their message in an imaginative manner. Read more

How To Use Storytelling To Rebrand Your Personal Brand



The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”



A personal brand is built on the stories that the world tells itself about you. If you think you lack or don’t need a personal brand, Google yourself and see how the world sees you. Read more

The Importance Of Creating Helpful Content

The Importance Of Creating Helpful Content


“Stop Selling Start Helping”

Zig Ziglar

The most obvious solution is often overlooked in life. The words of noted motivational speaker Zig Ziglar “ stop selling start helping” could easily be the motto for content marketing. Read more