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How To Create Audience Value With Your Brand Video


Videos are a great way to market your brand. They have the impact of a visual medium that instantly gets an audiences attention. They do however need to be relevant. The key to relevance is to provide audience value. Read more

Why Your Story Should Give Your Audience Added Value



“There’s a way to do it better – find it. “

Thomas A. Edison




Making your brand story stand out from the crowd can be challenging for your average brand storyteller. What is it about your story that will capture your audience’s attention? One way to do this is to give your audience an added value experience. Read more

What Makes Your Audience Share Your Story?


What Makes Your Audience Share Your Story

“When we are sharing stories to create bonds with other like-minded people, we want to give them social currency with the highest pass-on value we can.”

Jay Oatway


Sharing your story is one of the most effective ways of sharing your message with the world. Your audience are conditioned from childhood to learn about life through the stories they are told. Read more