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What To Do Before You Give Your Next Work Presentation



work presentation

When we are asked to give a work presentation most people see it as a potential problem.  However in most cases it is a chance to improve our career opportunities if planned correctly. A work presentation gives you a chance to shine the spotlight on your personal contribution to the company. The experience has the potential to show you in a positive manner. A work presentation delivered well can impress your work colleagues. Read more

5 Ways To Provide Your Story With An Effective Takeaway Message



“My life is my message.”

 Mahatma Gandhi



Mahatma Gandhi had his own personal values, which defined what his life’s message was. While on a personal basis and on brand basis we hope our brand totally reflects our takeaway message in the real world this is not always the case. Read more

5 Tips On How To Dress For Your Video Appearance

5 Tips On How To Dress For Your Video Appearance

Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success.

Christopher Lasch


You get the call asking you to speak on your upcoming brand video or asking you to represent your local club or organization. After you decide what you will want to say you start thinking about your appearance and the image you want to present. Read more