The Main Focus Of Your Brand Video Should Be Your Audience

Main Focus

Make Your Audience Your Main Focus


“The true art of memory is the art of attention.”

Samuel Johnson


Getting the attention of your video audience requires that your audience is the the main focus of your video. Churning out video content similar to your competition is not going to get your audiences attention and it is definitely not going to inspire them to action.


Walk In Your Video Audiences Shoes


Inspirational video content puts your audience at the center of the equation. This means that before you plan any video content you look at your audience first. There was an old proverb commonly used when I was growing up, “if you want to know a man walk in his steps for a few days”. It was often quoted to make you less judgmental of a particular decision, to help you understand why people choose particular paths in life. When trying to understand your audience, I always thought this adage made a lot of sense. Start your video project by doing some customer research. The first place to start is to talk to them. You could also do some research using social networks and understand what is important to them and what problems they are regularly encountering. Also remember your own internal CRM systems will provide you with insights as well.


Once you have completed your research you can use it to start thinking about the kind of video content that will appeal to your audience. The key to creating successful video content is that itis really all about your audience.


Help Your Video Audience And Make Them Your Main Focus


The best video content helps an audience move to a better place. The content creator understands their audience and their problems. Using this information the content creator makes a video that provides their audience with a solution to their problem. By solving a real life problem the content creator has now become a valuable part of that person’s online community. They will trust and engage with a content creator that has helped in a meaningful way.


Speak Directly To Your Video Audience


By understanding and helping your audience you are in a position to create personalized content that addresses your audience directly. Creating video content that solves or addresses their problems gives content that is special. By putting your audience directly at the heart of your content creation you make content that feels personally created for them. You are making a connection with your audience that is important to them.


Starting With A Different Perspective


“Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.”

Benjamin Disraeli


Creating unique content that makes your audience the main focus of your video content creation means you start becoming a trusted content source. They know that you are a content creator whose main focus is your audience and you are there to help them. Your video will then become a marketing tool that will help your brand or personal profile have a bigger impact on your audience.