The Value Of A Behind The Scenes Video And 5 Tips On Improving Your Video Content



A behind the scenes video is a great way for a brand to show its human side. Showing the human side of your brand helps your audience to relate to your brand. A behind the scenes video also gives you an opportunity to show how your team takes on challenges, and showcase successes and learning opportunities. When you show your audience how your team evolves over time you are giving them a unique insight into your brand.

There are many subjects you can tackle for you’re behind the scenes video, including product development, brand events, team events, product launches, and social events the list is endless. The key is to make sure you use quality content and plan your video before hand.


1) Structure

The most important element of any video is that it has structure. It must be immediately obvious to the audience what you are trying to say. The video must open in a way that captures your audience attention and close with a key takeaway that inspires your audience to do what you want them to do next. The middle of the video must support this message and when you are planning your behind the scenes video you must always be clear on what you are trying to achieve with your video content.  Every element of your video marketing needs to support your overall brand marketing ambitions.


2) Keep It Real

Nothing makes your audience more uncomfortable than you directing your employees as if they were actors. Your employees are not actors and when you are filming them you should only ask them to what they would normally do. Dress them in what is comfortable for them, only ask them to do tasks they would normally do and continually ask them for feedback on how they would normally complete a task. The more comfortable they are with what they are doing on camera the more believable it will be to your audience.


3) Look For Interesting Insights

The key to a successful brand video is to make it interesting for your audience. When planning your brand video think about what are the most interesting and visual aspects of what goes on behind the scenes. Look for those “wow moments” that will capture the imagination of your audience. I remember once working on a job and being amazed at how a particular crop was hand harvested, needless to say it made the final edit. The colours of the crop in conjunction with the use of the hand scythe was visually amazing. The shots also reinforced the brand message, which is obviously the most important aspect of any visual imagery.


4) Brand Consistency

When you think of a behind the scenes video you may think it is an impromptu endeavor, this does not mean it can be inconsistent with your overall brand vision and brand consistency. Every video your brand creates needs to reflect your brand’s core values. The visual and vocal identity needs to reflect your brand value and you need to speak with an authentic brand voice. When planning your brand video make sure your narrative and style reflect these core brand values. Even with your ad hoc videos your audience should be able to tell that is this your unique brand video in the way it demonstrates your brand style and voice.


5) Create Audience Value

All brand videos need to give value to your audience. They need to solve a real life problem in a way that merits the time your audience spends watching them. Always ask yourself what is in this content that benefits my audience? Only when you can answer this question should you create your content.


The Benefits Of Behind the Scenes Video

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

Benjamin Franklin


When you put effort into your video marketing and target an actual problem you will engage your audience. A behind the scenes video has the benefit of humanizing your brand and showing real people with real passion working to help your customers. It can be done in such a way as to tell a compelling audience story that will capture the imagination of your audience and help create an emotional connection on a human level. Always remember,“ people buy from people they like” and this kind of video content gives you a chance to show your brand in a different, more personal way.