Unique Video Content Will Help Create More Brand Impact


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”



In life we have a way of doing things and we generally stick to that way. When it comes to video marketing we often use the same approach and wonder why we get the same results. The answer of course is if we want different results we need to create unique video content.


How do we create unique video content?


The answer is that we try a unique approach. This however can often be easier “said than done”. We need to evaluate our video strategy and not only put our audience first, we need to bring a unique approach to our video content.


1. Tell Your Best Story


It is not good enough to tell your story we must tell our best story. This means we must critically evaluate the brand stories we tell. Identify a story that will resonate with your audience. Will the story have the WOW impact?


W – Worked Up (Will your audience care about your video content?)
O – Outstanding (Will your video content stand out from your competitors?)
W – Wonderful (Will your story impress and engage your audience?)


Stories that have the WOW impact will help create unique video content.


2. Find Your Audience Niche


It is impossible to create a video that appeals to everyone. Even The Game Of Thrones drama, one of the most popular TV series ever, does not appeal to everyone. Similarly your video content will not appeal to everyone. Find your audience niche and create content for them. Do not try to please everyone, create quality content that will appeal to your niche. Niche video content done well is unique offering to that niche.


3. Deliver A Fresh Insight


The importance of a new angle to an existing issue is the cornerstone to creating unique content. What can your brand add to help your audience see a different solution? By giving a different solution or way of doing things you are creating unique video content.


4. Listen To Your Audience For Help In Creating Unique Video Content


Sometimes simply listening to your audience will give you the key to creating unique content. They will tell you where the gaps in their understanding are and what they need you to do. Not only listen but also credit your audience with showing you what they want. No content is more unique for a customer than content they inspired you to create.


5. Provide Value To Your Audience


Ask yourself before every video project what can you do for your customer? Often in marketing it is about putting the brand first. Content that is created with the express purpose of adding value to your audience’s life will always engage them.


Unique Video Content Requires Vision


“In this world a man must either be anvil or hammer.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Unique video content only happens when you have a vision of how you will improve your audience’s life. Your video content is created with the sole purpose of providing valuable solutions to your audience’s most compelling problems at a given moment in time. This content is created using fresh insights and unique angles with a targeted audience in mind.