Use Video As Part Of Your Personal Branding Strategy

 Personal Branding Strategy


“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. “

Elbert Hubbard


The world around us will form a view about us whether we like it or not. This means we are left with one choice, do we try to influence that view or not? If we want the world to see us in a particular way then we need to develop a personal branding strategy.


Personal Branding Strategy


What Is A Personal Branding Strategy?

Simply put a personal brand is how you promote yourself to the world and it defines what you stand for and the value you can provide to those around you. As in all marketing it is about developing a positive perception about you that other people easily “buy into” and are happy to promote in their networks. A personal branding strategy is a plan of action you create to promote a strong personal brand.


Why Use Video for Personal Branding?

The reason you should use video, as part of your personal branding strategy is that a video has the power to deliver powerful personal messages. In a video you can demonstrate sincerity, honesty, subject mastery and personality in a way that is not possible in other media.


5 Tips For Your Using Video With Your Personal Branding

Nowadays anybody can create a video on a Smartphone. However few people can create a video that inspires an audience to action. A personal branding video needs to capture the minds of its audience and to do this you need to understand what you trying to achieve.


1) Be Clear About Your Message

In all branding you need to know what message you are trying to deliver. This is especially true for your personal branding video; you need to know what your message is and how you are going to deliver it.


2) Demonstrate Your Vision

We all have a personal vision of how we would like the world around us to be. It is this personal vision that drives people to achieve great things. Every time you embrace a new situation in life your instinct is to ask yourself how would you like to see it work out? Similarly when someone watches your personal video they want you to show them your vision for the world. They need to know what it is, so they can see if they want to share it.


3) Talk About Your Achievements

When you show your achievements this inspires confidence in your audience. While they know “past success is no guarantee of future success” it is a good indicator. The trick is not to seem too arrogant, but demonstrate how with the help of a good team you achieved results. Teamwork shows that you are a people person who enjoys being around other people.


4) Show Why You Are Unique

We are all unique and a product of our unique life experiences. In your video show what makes you unique and how this leads to your success and expertise. Think about what  differentiates you from your peer group and shows ways you have channelled this uniqueness towards achieving your vision.


5) Provide Value

People only care about your personal brand when they know what you can do for them or for something they also care about. Personal branding videos need to provide some value to your audience. Think carefully what it is about your personal brand that provides audience value.


Implementing Your Personal Branding Strategy

“The greatest magnifying glasses in the world are a man’s own eyes when they look upon his own person.”

Alexander Pope


The importance of having a personal branding strategy cannot be underestimated in a world where the idea of the individual has become so prominent.

Creating a video that demonstrates your personal brand can have a powerful impact on your audience. The key to a successful personal branding video is to understand the message you are trying to share and have a compelling personal vision. Highlight what you have achieved and what is unique about you.

A video is the ideal way of bringing all the different aspects of your personal brand together and showing your audience the part you can play in their continuing success.