What 2020 Brand Videos Can Teach Us About Video Content

2020 Brand Videos


There are a lot of great brand videos available online. I have decided to put together a list of a few 2020 brand videos that I have found interesting. This list is purely subjective and I am sure if you do a list it would be completely different. It is not meant to be the best of 2020 only a list representative list of what is available at the moment.

What all of these videos have in common is that they each have a key takeaway that can help us all to make better videos.


Samsung’s Belief: We didn’t do this | Samsung

I like this short, snappy video because it is about technology enabling people to do extraordinary things. The video is short, visually stimulating with a complementary audio track.

Key Takeaway

Have a strong message and stick to it.


Loretta | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2020

This Google video plays into are desire to hear a good story that we can emotionally connect with. Everybody has memories that they want to keep forever and this video shows us a way to do that.

Key Takeaway

Targeted emotional content always resonates with the viewer.


You Can’t Stop Us | Nike

This Nike video has a strong message,“You can’t stop sport. Because you can’t stop us.” It delivers this message using strong visuals that continually reinforce the message.

Key Takeaway

Use strong visuals to continually reinforce your message.


DJI – This Is Mavic Air 2

This video introduces the new Mavic Air 2 drone. I have included it because it cleverly uses a narrator to answer a series of questions highlighting the benefits of the new drone. It does so in ways that are visually appealing and show cases the drone.

Key Takeaway

Make sure your audio enhances your visual storytelling.


Keeping Wildlife Safe – Roaring Back at the San Diego Zoo

This short video simply welcomes you back to the reopening of the San Diego Zoo. I have included it because in 15 seconds it says everything it needs to say and the visuals really complement the message.

Key Takeaway

Keep it short and make sure you use only the content needed to deliver your message. Remember viewer’s time is a limited resource.


“Dear Mom” | Mother’s Day 2020 Hallmark Gold Crown Commercial

This video tells the story of a mother and her daughter. It paints a picture of a mother’s love and support for a daughter through her lifetime.

Key Takeaway

Tell a story that will resonate with your audience.


SodaStream Discovers Water On Mars: Fresh Sparkling Water in Seconds

Big budget video from Soda Stream that is epic looking but is really a showpiece for the final humorous punch line.

Key Takeaway

Brands can do humorous content with their video they just need to be careful.


Shot on iPhone by Damien Chazelle – Vertical Cinema

This video is great because not only is shot on a iPhone, it also demonstrates creativity. Most videos are shot in landscapre, yet most people naturally hold smart phones vertically. This video shows what can be created with the vertical aspect ratio.

Key Takeaway

Be creative with your video content and don’t be afraid to try new things.


The Way forward

This list of 2020 brand videos shows us the importance of storytelling, how we need to take our audience on the emotional journey that makes them care about our story. Keep your message simple and use your visuals and audio to support and efficiently tell your story. Most importantly know your audience, value their time and do not be afraid to try something new.