What 2020 Seasonal Videos Can Teach Us About Storytelling

Seasonal Videos 2020


Every year I write a blog about some of my favourite seasonal videos and what they can teach us about storytelling.This year has been remarkable and different by any standard. The 2020 seasonal videos reflect the nature of the year. They reflect the importance of the simple things like family and community more so than any other year.

The 2020 seasonal videos demonstrate an evolution in production values and great storytelling. The videos can be very cinematic in their scale and have embraced professional quality animation.

I know not every brand has the budget of these outstanding seasonal adverts but every brand can learn some lessons about storytelling and creativity.



1) Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020

This is a great epic story that demonstrates the importance of family and being together at the important times in a child’s life.

Key Takeaway

Keep the story simple and tell it in a very visual way. 



2) McDonalds Christmas 2020 | Inner Child 

This simple animation demonstrates the importance of childhood and how to enjoy it when we have it.

Key Takeaway

Use emotion when telling your story.



3) Barbour Christmas Advert 2020: Father Christmas To The Rescue

I am not usually a fan of overt product placement in a seasonal advert but in this case it works. The reason I enjoyed it was because of the animation and powerful storytelling.

Key Takeaway

Tell a story that your audience will enjoy hearing.



4) Christmas 2020 Ad | Give A Little Love | Waitrose & John Lewis

One of the modern classics of the annual seasonal adverts the John Lewis seasonal advert is much loved and anticipated and this years advert was no exception.

Key Takeaway

The message in this years advert is simple, give to charity. The need for a clear message and takeaway is the key to any successful video campaign.



5) SuperValu Christmas Advert 2020 

I like this advert because the advert tells a story but with a twist. It is a simple story well told that tugs at your emotional heart strings.

Key Takeaway

There is an element of surprise when first watching this video. Including an element of surprise is great way to engage your audience.



6) O2 Advert | Unwrap the magic of Christmas

This is a very cinematic advert with a story about a girl imagining being a Disney princess. It is well animated and the musical score complements the visuals beautifully.

Key Takeaway

Remember the sound accompanying your visuals are as important as the visuals in telling your story.



7) Amazon: The Show Must Go On

This video tells the tale of 2020 where many life events had to be postponed or cancelled. However it shows the ingenuity and creativity that was used to connect and thrive in what was a very difficult year.

Key Takeaway

Be creative with your messaging and be aware of your audience and their daily challenges.



8) Aldi Christmas Launch 2020 Advert

The Aldi advert has become a staple of my most watched seasonal adverts and 2020 was no exception. I like this advert because Aldi created a character that is easy to relate to.

Key Takeaway

You need to create a character in your story that people can easily relate to when telling your story in a video.


Building On Lessons Learned

“It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love.”


What we can learn from the 2020 Seasonal Videos is that good storytelling matters. The way to tell good stories is to understand your audience and be able to judge their moods and problems. Use a character that is easy for your audience to relate to and embrace suspense in your storytelling. The best videos strive to be technically superb and embrace creativity. 

While 2020 was a challenging year and people may need to regroup after this year and recharge as they head towards 2021, there will always be a demand for brands to tell great video stories in an exciting and creative way.