What I Have learned About Video Creativity During Lockdown From These Brands

Video Creativity



The last couple of months have been both amazing and frightening simultaneously. Nothing like it will probably happen again in our lifetime. The world paused for a few months and as it starts up again I thought this would be a good time to share a few brand videos that got me thinking about what I have learned about video creativity from these videos.


Look after yourselves, and we’ll look after the shelves – Lidl Ireland

This was a simple animation that was created during the pandemic to let Lidl’s customers know shopping was safe and they had their supply chain managed.

Key Takeaway: Deliver A Clear Message

The reason I included it is because Lidl knew what the message was and delivered it in a clear and concise manner. So many brand videos loose their message with complicated videos that look spectacular but leave their customers confused.



Creativity goes on – Apple

What do you do when the normal big production crews have to observe “lockdown rules? The answer is you are creative and work with what you have access to. The result in this case was a video from Apple that talked about creativity through relevant examples.

Key Takeaway: Choose Relevant Visual Imagery

This video works because it uses a collage of video, photography, animation, vice over’s and music while showing us how we can still be creative even in a pandemic.



Explore from Home with #StreetView- Google

I like this short animation because it reminds us that after the pandemic there is a world we can go back to exploring. In the meantime it provides a visual taster of that world.

Key Takeaway : Tell A Story

The video tells a simple story that the world is still out there waiting for us to return even during a lockdown.



#ShareASquare – Cottonelle® Brand

This video was included on my list because it turned a problem into a solution. Initially during lockdown there was a temporary shortage of toilet paper. This company acknowledged the problem then said they were sorting it out and not only that but they launched a campaign to raise money for those less fortunate.

Key Takeaway: Think Differently

The video promised to solve a problem and went one step further and launched a support campaign for a Covid 19 charity at the same time.



Stay singing, stay dancing, stay connected – Virgin Media

Great happy, musical video showing kids having fun during the height of lockdown

Key Takeaway: Emotion Counts

This video works because it has that “feel good factor” with kids singing a catchy musical number that brings a smile to those watching it.



Remote Access: Work and learn on your TV | Samsung

This video works because who does not need a bigger screen in lockdown. Samsung shows how this is possible for some people who have a Samsung Smart TV and Windows 10 to do this wirelessly.

Key Takeaway: Solve The Problem

I like the video because it provides a timely solution for an actual problem.



IDAHOT 2020: Be Someone’s Home  – IKEA

This video is all about supporting the LGBT community on International Day Against Homophobia, and highlighting the fact “everybody should have the right to be themselves”.

Key Takeaway: Life Goes On

Even in a pandemic there are other issues that need to be highlighted. This video from IKEA does that.



Contactless Delivery Business :30  – Domino’s Pizza

In less than 15 seconds Dominos tell us their pizza delivery service can now be contactless.

Key Takeaway: Keep It Short

The message is clear and delivered in a way that does not waste our time.


Moving Forward

Video creativity has always been about trying to give your video audience something different. I think some of the videos in my list show how brands are using their imagination in unparalleled times to deliver video content that resonates with their viewers. They have used new techniques such as using user-generated content in previously unimagined ways. They have enabled and encouraged users to provide content to fill a void during lockdown. It has cemented the importance of smart phones in creating user generated content for the future. Video creativity has always been about looking at how stories are told and thinking of different ways of telling these stories in such a way as to inspire your audience.