What The 2019 Seasonal Videos Can Teach Us About Storytelling

2019 Seasonal Videos


Every year I write a blog about the current crop of seasonal adverts. It is one of my most favorite blogs because I get to watch some fun and creative brand videos. The 2019 seasonal videos are no exception. The production values seem to improve every year. This year there is a lot of quality animation.

I know that not every brand has got a huge budget for their video content. This is why I give tips that can be included in any brand video no matter what the budget. It is very hard to narrow down a list from the 2019 seasonal videos, so I have included videos that I enjoyed and felt offered all brands some insight into creating engaging video content.



John Lewis Excitable Edgar

John Lewis over the years has established a reputation for creating big budget seasonal videos that are sure to be hits. This year was no exception. They introduced the idea of excitable Edgar the dragon with a penchant for setting fire to or melting the world around him. Needless to say the story has a twist with Edgar helped by his freind to find his place and use in the world.

Top Tip

The best stories will engage your audience. Think about how your brand can share a story in an engaging manner.



Aldi Kevin The Carrot

Probably my favourite seasonal advert. Aldi have further developed their Kevin the Carrot character. The video has a great soundtrack, storytelling and nods to contemporary culture.

Top Tip

Brands that create a relatable character will engage their audience with their storytelling.



Argos The Book Of Dreams

This seasonal advert is just plain fun. It plays to the idea we all have an inner child and sometimes we just want to let that child out. The video is a bit of harmless escapism that incorporates some non-intrusive product placement.

Top Tip

We all have an inner child trying to get out. Brands recognizing this can create engaging fun video content.



MacDonalds #ReindeerReady

The reason this seasonal advert appeals to me is because it uses nostalgia and demonstrates family values, while setting the story in a contemporary setting showing the conflicting choices we face in modern life.

Top Tip

Nostalgia, done right works for a brand. This advert uses nostalgia well and links it to family values.


Very.co.uk Get More Out Of Giving

I have included this seasonal advert because it has one simple message. It delivers this message using a watchable animation with a complimentary sound track.

Top Tip

Tell a simple story that only uses visual imagery and soundtracks that reinforce your central message.



Barbour 125 Years Of Blooming Barbour Christmases

This seasonal advert tells the story of Santa in a relaxed and humorous way. It includes product placing but makes it integral to the storytelling. As usual the Barbour animation is very well done.

Top Tip

As a brand you do not always have to take yourself too seriously it is okay to have some fun.



IKEA Silence The Critics

The IKEA advert is very innovative and has involved grime artists and the idea of how ill prepared households can be for the Christmas season. A clever use of animation and memorable music catches the audience’s imagination.

Top Tip

Never be afraid to do something different. In a world where there is so much boring brand video content it is worth taking a risk on being innovative.


Taking The Next Step


“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

Charles Dickens


While it was fun to review the 2019 seasonal videos, brands have to produce content all year round.Thinking ahead, I would suggest that you think about creating video content that is innovative, fun and concentrates on telling a good story. As a brand you need to think about being creative and use characters in your storytelling that will ignite the imagination of your audience. Hopefully in the coming year you will have fun with your creative video production and engage your audience.