Why Fun Is Often The Missing Ingredient In Your Brand Video Product



There is a lot that goes into planning and executing a successful brand video.  Brands take video production very seriously as it is often the cornerstone of a successful brand marketing strategy. Sometimes when planning and executing our next video it is not surprising we forget to have fun.


Why Does It Matter If We Have Fun When Creating Our Brand Video?


“There is little success where there is little laughter.”

Andrew Carnegie


It matters a great deal because fun is often what fuels the creative process. Most video projects require a large creative input.

They need this creative input to be original and stand out from their competition. Originality is the “Holy Grail’ of most video producers. They want to create video content that is unique and says that their brand is a leader not a follower. When there is so much great video content being produced it is hard to create unique or original video content.

This is where the concept of having fun matters when planning and executing a video project. I have found when people are having fun and enjoying a process they are more relaxed and tend to have more ideas. It is not an exaggeration to say that when people are having fun their creative juices are flowing. Of course many of these ideas are unusable, however it does not matter you only need a few good ideas, to create an unique video.


Can You Create a Fun Environment?


There are endless online blogs and articles on how to create a fun environment. They all start by creating a relaxed space, where fun is encouraged. The key is to start your video project in a relaxed space where everyone is encouraged to contribute, with no idea being initially discarded. Hopefully by starting the project in a relaxed manner, this will follow through on the production, and if better ways are spotted to execute the concept they are accepted where practical, while sticking to time and budgetary constraints.


How Do You Bring It All Together?


Obviously the one possible drawback with encouraging fun in the video production process is that it gets out of hand. That is why having defined objectives and goals for your video project is important.

Include everyone in this initial creative session, creative’s and non-creative’s alike, as creative’s do not have the monopoly of inspirational ideas. When you have finished your initial creative input session you ask your team to provide the best ideas they have come up with.

When you use a fun session as the starting point for your video production you will find you are less likely to just replicate your competitor’s video production efforts. It also helps with team building in your organization; it gives members a chance to do something outside their comfort zone.