Why Making A Sale Is The Purpose Of Every Brand Video



“It is wise to persuade people to do things and make them think it was their own idea.”

Nelson Mandela


Every brand video without exception is trying to achieve a sale. Not necessarily a monetary sale, it just may be a concept, an idea or simply trying to entertain the viewer.


Buying Cycle


No matter at what stage of the buyer cycle the brand is at, the brand is trying to the persuade the viewer why they should precede to the next stage of the process until ultimately they buy the brands product or service. There is no such thing as a brand producing content for any other reasons. Brand videos are always funded by the concept of the ultimate sale.


Given this premise every brand should be clear about


  • What they are ultimately selling?
  • Why they need the video content now?
  • What is so special about what they are selling?


Answering these questions allows a brand to create an effective video. At each stage of the buying cycle a brand must create a video that will move the viewer towards the next step in the process. It is usually by giving the viewer an emotional push rather than a logical argument that moves the viewer towards a sale.


Creating a brand video is less about your video craft and more about persuading the viewer to act in a certain manner. No viewer was ever moved to buy a product because a video only had a superior cinematic appeal. Viewers buy a product because the video convinced viewers their life would be better if they had your product. I am not saying using cinematic effects in your video won’t help make a sale if they support the buyer impulse to need your product.


Focusing On The Sale


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

 Nelson Mandela


Thinking about what you are trying to sell and why it matters to the viewer is at the heart of your decision making process when producing your video. It does not matter if it is an idea to change their thinking or product to enhance their lives, you are still trying to make a sale. Accepting the true purpose of a brand video will make it easier to achieve that all important sale.