Why You Should Know The Purpose Behind Every Brand Video


Video Purpose


The best brand videos know their purpose. They are created for a specific reason with an intended audience in mind. They know how they are going to achieve their desired result.


“To forget one’s purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.”

 Friedrich Nietzsche


A video needs a purpose, before starting think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to do that.


Ask Yourself Who Is Likely To Want Your Video Content?

Every video planning session should start with and end with the audience. Think about the needs of your video audience and how your video content can meet these requirements. When planning your video write down in one sentence what you think your audience needs and then write down in another sentence how you are going to meet these needs. Hopefully the resulting answers will meet your overall marketing goals.


What Is Your Goal?

Once you know your customer requirements you need to define your own goals for your video project. What will success look like for you and how will you measure it. Ask yourself,

“Can I make a video that meets my customer needs and makes sense in my overall marketing strategy?”

When you can reconcile these two requirements you are ready to move on.


Sticking To Your Purpose

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.”

Benjamin Disraeli

Once you understand your purpose you need to formulate that purpose in a couple of lines that are easy to understand, These will become the guiding principal for your video planning. At every stage in the process you need to continually reference this statement and make sure you are being consistent with it.

Judging Success

Videos are often created loaded on to the relevant social media platform and quickly forgotten unless they become very successful. This is a missed opportunity because our video failures often “hold the key” to future successes. Allocate some time to analyze why a video was not particularly successful. Ask yourself did it even meet your purpose requirements. Why did it not resonate with your audience? Did you fail to understand your audience? Was the format not entertaining enough? Did you fail to educate your audience in way that resonated with them? Getting answers to these questions will help you with your future video productions.