Why You Should Show Your Brand Personality In Your Brand Videos



Demonstrating your brand personality is what makes your brand video appeal to people. Personality is what makes a brand unique. When you think of Apple for example, what do you think of? Before you answer that question think about what we mean when we talk about personality.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe maintained “personality is everything in art and poetry.” I would go one further and say personality is everything in how we interact in life itself. Our individual personalities decide how we interact with each other and how we then decide what to do in the world around us.


Human Personality

Our unique personality is what makes one person different from another.  Why for example do we like a particular person? Usually it is because they have a combination of personal characteristics we relate to. The personal characteristics may be funny, clever and kind, it does not matter once we have personal characteristics we like then we can relate to them.

The study of human personalities is complex and ongoing, One model known as the FFM(five factored model) groups human personalities into 5 groups. While interesting to read and study we instinctively try to simplify life and recognise personality traits such a friendly, helpful, funny, honest, sincere and the list goes on. It is these personality traits that we need to demonstrate in our brand videos.


Brand Personality

Let us go back to Apple and their brand and its personality. When I think of Apple I think of a brand that is cool, innovative, stylish and charismatic. If these personal characteristics appeal to my personality then I will want to engage more with Apple. You can define a brands personality traits when we can identify a brand as having particular human characteristics.  It is these unique personality characteristics that make you unique.


Brand Videos

When a brand is creating videos it needs to show its personality. The personality traits that you demonstrate in your video content make your video stand out.

             What are your brands personality traits?

Before you create a video ask yourself, what are the personality traits that define your brand? Are you a fun, outdoor and reliable brand? Are you a creative, inspirational and sophisticated brand? The combinations of personality qualities are almost endless. The main point is that you know what your personality traits are.


Engage Your Audience

We engage with people we like. This is because we admire them, relate to them and most importantly understand what they stand for. When watching a video we want to see if the brand is something I can relate to. Does the brand share my humor, outlook and value system? I for example want a brand to have integrity and demonstrate this personality trait. Every person has there own personality traits that they value most. That is great for video content creators because if you demonstrate your brand personality you will usually find your unique audience. This is why some brand videos that demonstrate their brand humour do well with one population segment but often aggravate another group.

Showing your personality in your videos is about understanding your audience. Know your targeted audiences expectations and ensure your brand personality meets their expectations.