Why Your Brand Story Should Start With A Purpose




“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.”

Benjamin Disraeli


Every brand is sharing its story online. It is very hard to find unique brand stories worth your while. The most unique brand story always starts with a worthwhile purpose.

Every brand storyteller needs to have a reason for sharing his or her brand story. Thus it is important to understand the purpose of your brand story. Why do you want to tell the story? What is it about your story that will matter to your audience? What is your objective? Being able to anser these questions before you start your story is important. Often brand storytellers forget about the reason they want to tell their story.

The stronger your purpose the more impact it will have on your audience. For example if your story shows your audience how they can solve their problems in a better, easier way it will have a larger impact on them. Personally I like brand stories that show me easy and cost effective ways to solve problems that can be annoying and time consuming.


Sharing A Lesson With A Purpose That Matters


Sometimes a brand shares a lesson they have learned in a way that will help its audience look at their world in a different way. Often it is the way that we look at a problem that stops us from solving it. Great brand storytellers know this and they frame their story in a way that teaches us a lesson, allowing us to change the way we look at a potential problem. Brand storytellers know that by getting us to look at a problem differently we will engage with their solution.


Helping Your Audience Move Forward


The purpose of your brand story should be to help your audience move forward in a positive manner. Upon hearing your story your audience should be able to easily relate to and gain a helpful insight. In particular stories that share a positive message, will always make your audience feel better about themselves.


Establishing A Connection That Matters


Brand storytelling is all about establishing a positive connection with its audience. This can only happen where the storyteller has a clear vision on how their story is going to connect with their audience. What is it about their message that will establish an emotional connection with its audience? The brand storyteller needs to know from the start how they are going to achieve this.


The Best Stories Have A Unique Purpose


“I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.”

David Livingstone


There is no doubt the best stories are unique and they start with a unique purpose. The worst story you can tell is the same story we have heard a 1000 different times. If your brand proposition is different then your brand story should be different. It should reflect your differences and what makes your brand special. Your audience will always value something rare as more worthwhile, especially if it adds value to their lives.